Our Solutions - Data Recovery Auditing Services

Data Recovery Auditing Services

DataBank’s exclusive data testing and data recovery services offer on-site testing and auditing of our client’s backup and recovery capabilities.

This service is performed by our expert data recovery consultants on a scheduled basis at the convenience of our client’s demands. Our extensive and in-depth tests provide a comprehensive understanding of whether your data is actually backed up in its entirety, whether there is a company-wide awareness of the need to backup data and whether the process is being completed correctly.

Many companies fail to correctly back up their data, including companies that have been aware enough to use professional data protection services. These companies still sometimes find themselves at risk of data loss due to technical or organizational reasons as they find it difficult to maintain a healthy backup schedule, compromising the effectiveness of their backup. There are many reasons for this, some of which include:

  • Environmental changes
  • Ongoing installation of new drives, software or servers
  • Introduction of new workstations
  • New employees and roles within the company that have not received sufficient training

These situations lead to a false sense of security, where the company believes that its data is backed up and stored correctly. But in fact, the backup process is only partially complete, and sometimes the most critical data for ongoing business or the newest data related to business’ development remains exposed and not backed up.

DataBank considers itself as the “data trustee” as we are responsible for storing our clients’ data while leaving no room for doubt, risk, or error. This is why we offer our unique service, that we consider critical, that integrates and implements the process of data backup in the life of the company and the ability to audit the data recovery process.  Our hybrid data protection services are unique DataBank, and not offered by other local data protection companies.

In a dynamic company environment, an audited procedure of testing and recovery leads to full security in face of a data loss.