Our Solutions - BaaS on Premise

BaaS on Premise

DataBank offers our clients a range of outsourced backup solutions including:

  • Your data stored on our private cloud infrastructure; or
  • Your data is fully backed up and monitored by the DataBank team of backup professionals onsite in your offices or data center.

Once backed up, the data is transferred onto backup tapes and transported to our secure offsite locations.

These services are performed on a tailored BaaS (Backup as a Service) basis. This includes backup and recovery services adapted individually to each client based on their backup policy and our experience.

DataBank’s flexibility allows us to offer an optimal service for any environment and any type of software.

The on Premise BaaS provides clients with six significant advantages:

Comprehensive data protection

Cost savings

Increased professional efficiency

Increased redundancy

Rapid recovery (RTO)

Professional consultation