Our Solutions - Cyber Threat Protection

Cyber Threat Protection


DataBank is the  cyber threat control tower of your company. We protect our clients’ systems and data by deploying a range of cyber defense solutions, instant alerts, cross-correlation of information from various cyber platforms as well as the development of an overall cyber security strategy  that guarantee a response to any  threat.

DataBank is the only company in Israel that offers cyber security solutions that alert and prevent various threats while protecting the company’s data and  providing a response plan for recovery from disaster. This comprehensive solution is developed by integrating the most advanced backup and recovery solutions with DataBank’s SIEM-SOC services. This combination creates an innovative and pro-active cyber protection startegy  that is adapted according to the needs of each each client.

The DataBank cyber threat control tower is a cross-organizational cyber defense system that provides regulatory and physical protection through the following methodology:

Threat prevention

Maintaining business and systems continuity

Data protection

Recovery from attack plan

DataBank is certified to provide our range of cyber defense solutions in compliance with the most stringent governmental regulations including those posed by the tax and SEC authorities and the Privacy Protection laws in effect in Israel. The DataBank SOC depends on the latest and leading cyber security technologies and developments combined with the most advanced live monitoring service including pro-active follow-up by our team of cyber security experts…

Our SIEM SOC service provides our clients with serious cyber protection on a 24/7 basis. This advanced service prevents intrusion by ransomware and other malicious software, collects data on an ongoing basis, identifies and alerts our team to any attempted online intrusions and provides immediate prevention for any damage attempt.