Our Solutions - Cloud Backup

שירותי גיבוי בענן

Cloud Backup as a Service

DataBank provides cloud backup services that are stored on our private cloud infrastructure. Our cloud server farm is located within our secure and guarded data storage facility, providing  physical protection as well as an advanced cyber SOC (Security Operations Center) based on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology. The DataBank private cloud  includes full secure access for updating, control and recovery of your data. This is all provided quickly and easily supported by  our 24/7 service hotline available to resolve  all issues.

The DataBank approach to our Cloud Backup service also includes  an offline (tape) backup as well as cloud backup,distinguishing ourselves from our competitors. The reason we continue to provide tape backup is that nothing can replace physical storage that is offline effectively creating an “air-gap”. This data is then  stored outside of your company  and completely offline away from the internet, ensuring data integrity and durability.

The DataBank double backup approach protects  companies from ransomware, hackers, viruses,  flooding, earthquake, missile attack, theft, malicious employees, human error and more,  preventing unfortunate events where entire company departments cannot function as a result of not having access to any physical backup. There are countless examples where this approach would have provided a complete recovery (Ransmoware attack on the Municipality of Nazareth Ilit).

As a result of our advanced level of physical protection, our clients’ information is always safe from situations where physical backup was performed but damaged as a result of fire (Fire at IKEA (before they became a DataBank client)).

DataBank’s cloud backup services are performed and monitored continuously by our team of IT professionals based on our clients’ specific needs. This methodology provides our clients with five significant advantages in Data Protection, including:

Cost savings

Rapid recovery

Great storage flexibility

Compliance with regulatory standards

Excellent level of data security

More information on data loss without a backup: