Our Solutions - Your Data Trustee

DataBank, Your Data Trustee

DataBank, your company’s data trustee, protects your company from external threats.

As the data trustee of your company, DataBank protects you from external threats. We alert your company to the risks, while protecting, storing, backing up and recovering your data in the most effective and efficient manner… So in any situation, from a minor loss of data as a result of a system crash to a major system failure leading to loss of all data as a result of malware or fire, DataBank provides your company with the most comprehensive, effective and rapid response service. DataBank allows your company to continue running smoothly without any worry or malfunctions.

Access to your data is crucial to the ability of any company to function, which leaves no room for doubts, error or taking risks. This belief is at the core of DataBank’s partnerships with our clients, which forms our status of your “data trustee”.

As the ultimate data trustee and as a result of years of experience in protecting company data, DataBank has developed a complete data protection methodology for our clients based on five steps:

Defining backup procedures

Creating a methodical backup schedule – this process includes an in-depth audit of the company’s data recovery objectives in order to gain a full comprehension of the business needs and ongoing requirements.

Appointing a backup representative within the company

This step is crucial for a solid strategy and enables DataBank to engage  smoothly and efficiently with ourclients.

Determining a backup policy

This is an important part of the backup process and is determined according to the nature and needs of the company . The backup policy includes scheduling the backup on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Configuring the backup

DataBank offers cloud, backup tape (offline) or hybrid (combination of physical and cloud) backup solutions creating the ultimate backup and recovery system.

Data recovery audit

This exercise is an extremely important part of the backup process. DataBank confirms that the backup is error-free and the data has been stored in its entirety.

As part of our offline backup services, DataBank employs an organized process to efficiently manage your data, making this process easier for you. This process is tailored to your company requirements and includes:

Determining data permissions

Who has access and to which data.

Defining data availability

Defining the expected availability of data.

Determining data protection

Defining standards for the physical protection of your data within our media vaults and our secure transportation vehicles.

Ongoing data management

Continuous management and auditing of the quality and reliability of your data protection.