Our Solutions - Software Escrow

Software Escrow

Since 2002, DataBank has been a trusted supplier of software escrow services for hundreds of companies. We act as an independent third party where developers trust DataBank to hold their source code as part of a wider software license agreement.

The key advantage of our comprehensive software escrow service includes:

  • Securephysical storage in an Air Gap configuration;
  • We are CSO certified by the Authority for Innovation (formerly the Chief Scientist Office) – this enables DataBank to secure the source code of companies that have received Israel government funding;
  • Flexibility to adapt to our client’s specific requirements;
  • Advanced storage and security for intellectual property;
  • Version control for new updates; and
  • Verification testing of the deposited source code.

Many companies (beneficiaries) license through developers’ software or applications to maintain their ongoing activity. The critical  reliance on this software and the large investment to develop these applications creates an inherent risk.

  • What happens in the event that the developer enters bankruptcy or administration?
  • Can the beneficiary continue using the software in the event of a dispute?
  • What happens in the event that the developer discontinues supporting the software either as a business decision or through an M&A?

The solution to this is by establishing a software escrow agreement where the developer agrees to deposit the  technology’s source code with a trusted third party.  In the event of a release condition, the source code may be released to the beneficiary according to the conditions of the original software escrow agreement.

As this source code is the intellectual property of the developer and extremely valuable,the deposit of the source code with a third party who lacks the ability to protect and secure the code is very risky. The best way for companies to protect their investment, technology and intellectual property is by using the software escrow services provided by DataBank,   who are renowned data protection experts.

DataBank’s software escrow services include:

  • Adapting our escrow agreements to your needs
  • Securing your deposit of source code
  • Secured storage
  • Receiving version updates
  • Verification tests to ensure the code can be compiled into a working application
  • Releasing deposited material