Our Solutions - Offsite Data Protection

הגנת מידע חוץ ארגונית

Offsite Data Protection

DataBank’s unique expertise has grown from  our diverse and extensive experience in  data protection. We protect our clients’ data in our underground secure storage facility that we refer to as the “vault” or through our cloud hosting services. In addition to this, we offer an  exclusive hybrid data protection solution that combines our physical and cloud backup services  together. DataBank maintains an advanced SOC which is built using the most progressive and innovative data protection software in the world as well as continuous professional monitoring..

BaaS – Backup as a Service

In addition to our advanced cyber and data protection services, DataBank offers an additional backup service, which is critical to any company wishing to maintain its data integrity.

The reason for this is simple, any IT environment is exposed to increasing threats from cyber attacks, software and hardware malfunctions, hackers, viruses, ransomware, and internal attacks. To protect against this threat,, DataBank offers offsite backup services including the secure storage of backup tapes, disks and hard drives which provides the last line of defense and the and strongest protection of our clients’ data.

Storage and transfer of data

DataBank specializes in the secure transportation and storage of media including backup tapes, disks and hard drives. The transfer of data outside a company’s premises requires a great level of expertise, trust and sensitivity. In order to achieve this, we maintain a fleet of secured and unmarked  vehicles featuring climate control, GPS tracking, installed vaults and DataBank trained and employed drivers. The data stored on our client’s backup tapes, hard drives and disks are managed and stored within our secure underground and environmentally controlled media vaults specifically designed for the storage of magnetic media. The whole process and facility is monitored through our unique systems   enabling immediate recovery –  24/7.