Technology Escrow

DataBank is Israel’s leading provider of data protection and intellectual property management services. Since 2002, DataBank has protected customers’ intellectual property for technology vendors and their customers. More than 1,000 companies trust DataBank to protect their vital data, software source code and other intellectual property. DataBank follows rigorous standards to keep our customers’ data safe, including security-industry best practices coupled with practices developed by DataBank. The DataBank Escrow service solution provides security at every level, from the initial deposit to secure underground offsite storage.

What is Technology Escrow?

A technology escrow solution is a simple and effective arrangement designed to mitigate risk and protect all parties involved in the development, supply & use of business critical software. Why spend thousands on purchasing and developing business critical software and not protect your investment?

In today’s technology focused world, organizations are reliant on third party supplied software applications to carry out key business functions and processes. However, assuming that third parties will always be available to provide support and maintenance brings about a high element of risk.

The source code for the software, the expertise to implement it and the rights to the software belong to the software supplier or developer. What happens if a supplier is unable to support and maintain a product following a merger, acquisition, legal dispute or insolvency? How can both the end user and supplier be protected? A copy of the source code behind critical applications is held securely ensuring that the material can be accessed and released should the need arise. Once released, the end user can then maintain the software, working from the original source code, whether that be in-house or by engaging with another supplier.

Fast, Convenient and Secure Escrow Deposits

DataBank’s Software Escrow Service offers secure physical storage with real-time, online account management. Physical depositing with DataBank offers secure transport and handling of assets for deposits that employ industry best practices.

  • Deposit Security — Tracks Chain-of-Custody from time of receipt to release of deposit.
  • Storage Security — Prevents unauthorized access to physical and electronic vaults.
  • Deposit Retrieval Security — Release deposit material only after material verification meets contractual requirements.
Chief Scientist Office (CSO) Approval

The Israel Chief Scientist Office has approved DataBank as a verified technology escrow agent. This allows companies that have received funding from the CSO to execute an escrow agreement with a beneficiary that is a non-Israeli entity.

Technology Escrow Process:

  • Agreement Setup – Once you have selected DataBank as your trusted escrow agent a template agreement will be issued.
  • Negotiation – The terms of the agreement will be negotiated by the depositor and the beneficiary. Once the agreement has been finalized, DataBank will review and approve it.
  • Deposit – The depositor will be required to copy the source code and provide documentation. DataBank will arrange for the secure collection and transportation of the escrow material.
  • Verification – DataBank will conduct 1st level verification of the source code before moving the material to a dedicated storage area inside the DataBank vault.
  • Updates – When an update to the source code is made, DataBank will arrange for the collection and notify the relevant parties.
Facility Security

The state of the art DataBank media facility is located in the city of Petach Tikva (10 km from Tel Aviv). The media vault is located three floors underground and is equipped with a robust and high level security system, CCTV, gas fire suppression systems and environmental controls.

Today DataBank has over half a million digital media under management.

Every item that enters the DataBank facility is tracked through.

a barcode managed library system. This can be monitored by the customer online allowing them to manage their own inventory.