Physical Hosting

The DataBank Tier III Certified Datacenter is approved by the “Mefakachat al ha Bankim”. Tier III certification requires a concurrently maintainable data center; that is the facility must be able to run maintenance tasks, even those that require equipment shutdown, without going offline. Redundancy is required for all parts of the data center; IT load, power, and cooling. As with all Uptime Institute certification levels, level three requires that that facility also meet the demands of lower certification levels.

Colocation at the DataBank Tier III Certified Datacenter offers top-notch security and is completely customizable and can be upgraded any time as your site grows. Have total control as well as the ability to completely customize your colocation environment. Private cages, shared cages, full rack hosting or hosting on unit level whatever works best for your needs. It truly is dedicated functionality without the expense.