Offsite Data Protection

Offsite Data Protection; Secure Transportation, Storage and Management for Off-line Backup Media.

DataBank provides a comprehensive data security service, enabling companies to store their vital backup media in a secure and managed environment. Any type of backup media can be managed by DataBank, from backup tapes to removable hard disks, in fact everything you would need to restart your company in the event of a disaster.

Media Transportation and Storage

In a world where you are living under constant attack due to software malfunctions, hardware failures, virus attacks and hackers, removable backup media (tapes and hard disks) become the last line of defense.

By moving your backup media offsite and into the care of a trusted partner that has proven experience, infrastructure and technology will greatly assist you in reducing your downtime, complying with regulation and ultimately protecting your company data.

Added value

The General rule of Data Protection is that there will always be a copy of your data that’s not connected to your network in any way (viruses/hackers/angry employees), that’s taken out of the customer organization with secure and environmentally controlled transportation, on a scheduled basis with verifiable processes and that’s stored under the advised conditions for magnetic media storage, accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The DataBank Facility (aka “The Vault”)

The unique 3 floor underground built secured and automated DataBank facility is unmatched in the world and offers protection against natural and man-made events. “The Vault” has been audited and approved by many of our clientele; Fortune 500 companies, Financial Institutions and Governmental Organizations among others.

Why take the risk? 

DataBank is currently servicing more than 1,000 customers in Israel. Many of our customers replicate their data to one or multiple local or international DR sites yet all of them keep a copy of their data at DataBank; not connected to their networks and outside of their own organization. Safely kept in “The Vault”.