Managed Cloud Backup

The DataBank Managed Cloud Backup Service allows businesses to backup their critical data online in a safe and secure way.

Easy to use:
  1. Install the software
  2. Select which files you wish to backup
  3. Set the backup schedule and retention policy
  4. Data is encrypted and compressed on your computers
  5. Data is uploaded via the internet to the DataBank Online servers
Is it safe to do backup via internet?

Definitely. Your data is securely stored on the DataBank Online state of the art backup servers using military level encryption. All of your data is 256-bit encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on the DataBank Online servers through a secure SSL channel.

Key features and benefits of the proposed solution
  • We compress your data before uploading it. This means that existing bandwidth is utilized to the maximum in other words no need for additional bandwidth.
  • Compression rates can go as high as 80%. Unlike other providers, we pass this saving onto you by charging you only for the amount of compressed data stored on our servers.
  • There are no installation fees and all support during business hours is FREE OF CHARGE.
  • All the servers are owned and maintained by DataBank in a highly secure data storage facility located 3 floors underground.
  • DataBank also has a server farm in the UK, allowing you to protect your data abroad while working with your local provider. Unique added value.
  • In case you need to restore a larger amount of data, DataBank will bring a removable hard disk with your data, transported with our own secured vehicles to your location. Unique added value.
  • We monitor your back-up pro-actively which means we will contact you in case your back-up fails, FREE OF CHARGE. This is unique added value that no other provider can match
  • Disk quota full? With every other provider your back-up will fail unless you increase your quota. DataBank will always let your back-up succeed even when your quota has been reached. Un-matched added value only by DataBank.
  • Keeping in line with the DataBank philosophy regarding off-line data protection, backups are performed to tape and moved to a second facility, unique added value of DataBank, FREE OF CHARGE to the customer.
  • Databank combines the security of the Off-Line Data Protection Service with the convenience of the On-Line Data Protection Service. Unique added value.