Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

DataBanks DRaaS is ideal for any organization aiming to improve uptime, reduce the cost of in house Disaster Recovery such as hardware and human recourses all the while benefiting from a professional DataCenter with dedicated IT professionals.

DataBanks DRaaS eliminates the need for expensive out of pocket hardware and resources needed to create a secondary failover site. Disaster Recovery As-A-Service means businesses can now pay as they grow enjoying the flexibility and redundancy that the Databank Cloud has to offer.

With the systems now virtualized within the DataBank cloud,  the DataBank DRaaS solution allows companies to conduct “business as usual” when a disaster occurs and use IT resources to fix the issues caused by the event without data loss or down time.

DataBanks DRaaS offers the possibility to replicate your environment and data based on on High Availability and Stand-By or a hybrid model.